Andrew (agentcalavera9) wrote in bow_track,

The Revised Bootlist

Here are the new standings, kids!!!!

Sir James Clouthier: III
Sir T. Money: III
Sir Jordan Reynolds: III
Sir Zach Eskeland: II
Sir G Mac: I
Lady Sarah Argarga: I
Lady Lauren Burghard: I
Sir John Paul McMadman: I
Sir Zach Rosegnal: I
Lady Gretchen Andrus: I*
Sir Jake/Jacque - you guys need to tell me which, thanks: I
Sir Timmeh Cherigat: I**
Sir Andrew McCrackin: I***

* - Honorabe mention for best color - purple
** - Honorable mention for booting after winning the Boston Marathon
*** - Honorable mention for booting at a meet

Now guys...while I don't want to encourage throwing up...I don't want to have to buy three bottles of syrup of ipacac. And I can get more creative with awards the bigger point spread you give yeah. Let's do it to it! Good luck in the meet tomorrow!
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