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Bow High Track and Field

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[13 Mar 2005|05:51pm]



1 million times sicker than you| how sick are we?

never [30 Sep 2004|07:54pm]


"Women will somedays outsprint men"
3 million times sicker than you| how sick are we?

[24 Jun 2004|04:23pm]

does anyone have state championship pictures? if so post them/or send them to me. jakeyeaton@Yahoo.com pleeeeeease
how sick are we?

[31 May 2004|10:55am]

Nice job girls and guys!

(Does anyone else think that winning this year was no fun?)
3 million times sicker than you| how sick are we?

[19 May 2004|06:22pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

well kids.. this may be my last week at track... :/

my mom flipped about the camera.. and yea, basically i have to work a lot now, and mom told me that if the camera isnt back within a week, i cant do track anymore.. which means no states... so if ANYBODY finds out ANYTHING about it.. i'd really appreciate it.. a lot... :/

how sick are we?

[18 May 2004|09:56pm]

guys.. awesome job dressing up today! and also nice job at the meet!!

question though.. did ANYBODY find a digital camera at the track?!? i left it in the grass in the infield when we were going to do awards.. then the thunder came, and i walked away.. and then i got about 50 meters, and was like "oh shoot where's my camera??" i went back.. and it was gone.. so if ANYBODY knows ANYTHING about it.. pleaaaaaaaaase let me know or just give it to me.. otherwise.. i may be murdered by my parents... b/c its their camera...
how sick are we?

The Revised Bootlist [17 May 2004|10:26pm]

Here are the new standings, kids!!!!

Sir James Clouthier: III
Sir T. Money: III
Sir Jordan Reynolds: III
Sir Zach Eskeland: II
Sir G Mac: I
Lady Sarah Argarga: I
Lady Lauren Burghard: I
Sir John Paul McMadman: I
Sir Zach Rosegnal: I
Lady Gretchen Andrus: I*
Sir Jake/Jacque - you guys need to tell me which, thanks: I
Sir Timmeh Cherigat: I**
Sir Andrew McCrackin: I***

* - Honorabe mention for best color - purple
** - Honorable mention for booting after winning the Boston Marathon
*** - Honorable mention for booting at a meet

Now guys...while I don't want to encourage throwing up...I don't want to have to buy three bottles of syrup of ipacac. And I can get more creative with awards the bigger point spread you give me....so yeah. Let's do it to it! Good luck in the meet tomorrow!
3 million times sicker than you| how sick are we?

Tired Of Sucking [15 May 2004|03:21pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

ok so im so sick of sucking i havent gotten any better latel in fact i have gotten much worse. any one else have this problem cause im really tired of getting worse.

6 million times sicker than you| how sick are we?

Now I'm an official member [14 May 2004|11:41pm]

[ mood | tired ]

now that gives me rights like clouthier to make ridiculous posts like i hate gay day. ok and Mckernan what the hell is agent calavera

1 million times sicker than you| how sick are we?

[14 May 2004|09:07am]

gay day? what the hell? why dont we have an anti-christ day too! yeah, that would be fun! and then an anti-seminist day! and even maybe an anti-t$ day, even though his legs are rather cute mike.....no....umm...thats very sketchy...the whole gay day thing.....and then what is this about buddies?
1 million times sicker than you| how sick are we?

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